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Pasquale Bruni – Aleluiá Ear Cuff in 18k Rose Gold with White and Champagne Diamonds


Adorn yourself with the beauty of the Aleluiá Ear Cuff in 18k Rose Gold with White and Champagne Diamonds. This unique piece of jewelry is an ode to beauty and love, empowering women to take flight towards the marvels of the world in a journey redefining all her divinity. The Aleluiá collection leaves reflect wings, and each leaf has been crafted and set one by one, maintaining the shape and precision of the overlays.

This ear cuff is a true masterpiece, created using arduous manufacturing methods that can only be entrusted to master goldsmiths with incredible talent, expertise, and experience. The creative design and crafting of each collection requires about one year of conceptualization, ensuring that every piece is a work of art that speaks to the heart of fine jewelry buyers.

Crafted in 18k Rose Gold, this ear cuff features 10 white diamonds and 71 champagne diamonds, totaling 0.11 and 0.77 carats respectively. Each diamond has been hand-selected to ensure the highest quality and brilliance, making this piece a truly stunning addition to any jewelry collection.

Experience the beauty and wonder of the Aleluiá Ear Cuff and let it transport you to a world of elegance and sophistication. It’s time to indulge in the finest jewelry available and take your style to new heights.


  • Ear Cuff
  • 18k Rose Gold, 3.03 g
  • White Diamonds: 10 stones, 0.11 ct.
  • Champagne Diamonds: 71 stones, 0.77 ct.

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