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Pasquale Bruni – Bouquet Lunaire Bracelet in 18k Rose Gold with Grey, White, Pink Moonstone and White Diamonds


This stunning Bouquet Lunaire Bracelet is a true masterpiece, crafted by the esteemed Pasquale Bruni. The intricate design features an array of gorgeous gemstones, including grey, white, and pink moonstones, as well as sparkling white diamonds. The collection is an explosion of feelings encapsulated in precious jewellery, in which the Moon gem emerges as the ultimate expression of femininity. Each moonstone has been carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and ultimate beauty, and the result is a bracelet that exudes elegance and sophistication. The moon is the fundamental element, engraved throughout the collection: it illuminates emotions, emboldens women and exudes a sense of harmony. If you’re looking for a piece of fine jewelry that is truly exceptional, this Bouquet Lunaire Bracelet is the perfect choice.


  • Bracelet, Length 18 cm
  • 18k Rose Gold, 6.45 g
  • White Diamonds: 3 stones, 0.04 ct.
  • Grey Moonstone, White Moonstone, Pink Moonstone: Flowers Size 12 mm

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